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Section Size, D
Area, Apc
Moment of
Inertia, I

Radius of
gyration, R

Section of
Modulus, Z

Allowable concentric imposed action (kN)*
for concrete strength (MPa)
32 40 50 60
350 122,500 1250 x 106 101 7146 x 103 3.00 1400 8/12.7 1055 1375 1780 2185
400 166,000 2133 x 106 116 10,666 x 103 3.92 1600 8/12.7 1450 1870 2400 2930
450 202,500 3417 x 106 130 15,187 x 103 4.97 1800 10/12.7 1840 2375 3040 3710
600 360,000 10,800 x 106 173 36,000 x 103 8.83 2400 16/12.7 3220 4275 5460 6650
400 132,622 1403 x 106 103 7015 x 103 3.25 1328 8/12.7 1160 1510 1950 2385
450 167,652 2242 x 106 116 9964 x 103 4.11 1488 8/12.7 1530 1970 2525 3080
550 250,660 5011 x 106 141 18,223 x 103 6.15 1824 12/12.7 2290 2950 3780 4605
*Allowable actions based on: N=Apc(0.33fc-0.27fpe)
N=allowable axial Service Load (kN)
Apc= cross section area of concrete (mm2)
f'c=characteristic 28 day compressive strength of concrete (MPa)
fpe=effective prestress after losses (MPa)

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